“My daughter bought me this CD for Mother's
Day.  It's definitely dedicated to moms and I find
myself putting it on when I need "girl time" in the
car, or when I am alone in the house, it puts me in a
good mood. Kind of like a good "chick flick" just
when you need it, but less expensive.”

Bonnie, mother of 3
Aliso Viejo, CA

“I got Music For Moms for my amazing mother,
and for my sister who is about to become a mother,
because they both deserve to hear these wonderful

Roberta, daughter and sister
Montclair, CA

“I am a mother of two boys and this CD really
makes me think about how blessed I am, and how
wonderful my mother was to me…it also helps me
celebrate my own childhood. Great songs!”

Colleen, mother of 2
Raleigh, NC

“I bought this CD for my wife for Mother’s Day,
because she is a great wife and mother. Debra’s
songs really speak to her and this CD hasn’t left
our car.”

Dan, husband and dad of 3
Pasadena, CA  

“These songs say so much and make me feel happy,
nostalgic and appreciative to be a daughter and a
mother. Moms are cool people…”

Milly, mother of 2
Milford, CT
We love
"Music For Moms"