Hi Mom,
this one's for you...

You lull with lullabies,
intone "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
and grin-and-bear the likes of
"High School Musical" and
Hannah Montana in the car,
in the house, in your head...

It's time to add a new soundtrack
to your life---something just for you
(and kids like it, too!)
"Music for Moms."

This CD is filled with smart,
feel-good folk/rock songs that
celebrate the joys and challenges
of motherhood, childhood
and friendship.

Recording artist Debra Davis
sings her original songs inspired
by being a new mother, and the
many women who color and
shape all of our lives.

Music For Moms is a special treat
for a new mom,
a mother-to-be, a grandparent,
a daughter or a friend.
Big Old Soul Music /Copyright 2008
All rights reserved